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4  Sizes Available

Each size contains 2 different files. One is a double wing that fits your hoop size, the other is a single wing that also fits your hoop size. The double wing is the size listed for pricing. Make sure to check that BOTH sizes will fit your hoop if you are using a non-standard size. Each was designed to fit the same standard hoop size. The sizes are as follows:

                                     Double                             Single

    9.5X14 Hoop  -  5.80" X 14.03"                    9.35" X 11.29"

    8X12 Hoop -     4.80" X 11.63"                    7.72" X 9.32"

    6X10 Hoop -     4.20" X 10.18"                    6.14" X 7.41"

    5X7 Hoop -       2.90" X 7.02"                      5.06" X 6.11"

All designs have been stitched personally. You will receive your design via instant download after payment.

As this is a digital item, refunds cannot be offered.

I am thrilled that you purchased this design and am happy for you to embroider on your personal items and items that you will be selling. However, copying and sharing design files is NOT cool! (also it's illegal)

THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT! This is a machine embroidery design file. You must have an embroidery machine to work with these files. YOU MUST HAVE THE REQUIRED HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE TO TRANSFER THESE DESIGNS FROM YOUR COMPUTER TO YOUR EMBROIDERY MACHINE (cable, usb, memory card, etc.).